The Commission's Mission

In order to create jobs and improve the quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania, it is the mission of the Port of Pittsburgh Commission to promote the commercial use and development of the inland waterway-intermodal transportation system and to integrate that system into the economic, recreational, environmental and intermodal future of the residents and industries of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Created by the Legislature under Law 1992-133, the Board consists of four legislative appointees representing the four major political caucuses and eleven gubernatorial appointees. The gubernatorial appointees include four citizens at large, three from nominees of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), one from nominees of the county commissioners jointly representing non-SPC counties in the Port of Pittsburgh District, and one each from industry nominees from DINAMO, the Waterways Association, and the River Terminal Operator's Association.


Did You Know?

Locks and dams are vital for navigation, recreation, flood control, and drinking water. 

Funding for this infrastructure is critical to our future.