The following questions have been submitted via email regarding the RFP:

1. The RFP requires an appendix that mirrors the data used in similar economic impact studies for the Port of Erie and the Port of Philadelphia.

     a. For Erie are you referring to the Economic Impacts of the Port of Erie from August 2018?

Answer: Yes, that is the one.

    b. For Philadelphia, are you referring to brochures they have on their website, or a specific study?

Answer: There is a specific study.  We will send copies of it out to offerors.

2. Do you have a budget or target cost range available for this project?

Answer: A proposed budget that falls within the target range is negotiable.

3. As part of this effort, are you requesting a standard economic impact analysis--one that would include:
    a. jobs
    b. employee earnings
    c. business output/production
    d. state and local taxes

Answer: Yes to all.  Those should be part of the study.

4. When assessing future impacts/projections, how far into the future should these assessments look?

Answer: 10 years would be optimal.


Questions, suggestions, and clarifications raised in the Pre-proposal conference call:

1. Is there a size limit to the report (ie number of pages)?

Answer: No, there is no imposed size limit.

2. It was suggested that the report account for the economic development that is taking place during the time of the study.

3. It was suggested that report discuss the extent of the value of development that is unique to the region.  What makes Pittsburgh unique, and why is Pittsburgh better suited for certain waterway-related development than other ports?

4. Section II-23 of the RFP, Term of Contract, states that "the term of the contract will commence on the Effective Date and the end date will be six months subsequent with options to renew."  It was decided in the conference call that the offeror could propose a term longer than six months, to a maximum of 12 months.  The stated arrangement is designed to avoid contract mishaps due to Commonwealth requirements.  If the offeror believes that a contract period of longer than six months is necessary, this should be indicated in their proposal.