Regular Board Meeting:: A regular board meeting of the Port of Pittsburgh Commission will take place virtually on April 16, 2021 at Noon.

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Because of the available CMAQ funds, the Port of Pittsburgh Commission will have $3,800,000​ for funding this year. Additionally, the funds will provide a 50% reimbursement leveraged with a 50% private match.

Stated Costs

The stated costs for the retrofits can consist of:


The program will require detailed progress reports including invoices, inspections, documentation of the engines being scrapped, and quarterly reports.


Applications will consist of a detailed budget, the names of the vessels, a schedule of the start dates, the make, year and horsepower of the engines being replaced, the annual hours of service, the air quality specifications of the new engines, the anticipated annual hours of service, and a commitment letter indicating your intentions of participating in the program.

Applications are currently being accepted. A committee consisting of Port staff, Commissioners, and PennDOT will evaluate the applications. Awardees will be notified as the evaluations have been completed will be notified.

Please be aware that until the date that PennDOT approves the Port’s contract, no services or purchases before that date will be eligible for reimbursement.

For more information, contact Mary Ann Bucci.

More Information

To apply for funding, download the CMAQ application and project cost table below.

Application FormProject Cost Table Template